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The PMP® Certification Requirements:

  • Educational background:

    • Category       1: Bachelor's degree

    • Category       2: High school diploma.

  •  Required project management experience:

    • Category 1 :   4,500 hours (3 years)

    • Category 2 :   7,500 hours (5 years).


How To Apply For PMP® Exam...

In order to become eligible for applying to the PMP® exam, each applicant has to ensure following the below steps:

Send in your application or apply on-line;

As an applicant, you have the option to apply in person through registering at one of the certified PMP® examining centers, or you can just go ahead and apply online through visiting the PMI® Website Fill the Experience verification forms and pay the needed exam fees. One significant note to keep in mind is that NO faxed application is accepted.

For each project submitted;

When submitting he application for the exam, the applicant has to provide a description of each of the projects were managed by the applicant during his/ her professional job responsibilities. The candidates must:

***Indicate that they have Led and Directed tasks on projects while assuming their responsibilities and positions.

***Candidate can only claim hours for tasks that they have Led and Directed.

***Provide supervisor contact information for verification.

***PMI will send an Exam Eligibility Letter to the applicant within 10-14 working days (2-3 weeks). This letter is valid and good for one one year.

***Go to to locate the nearest testing center and schedule the exam .

For detailed information please download the PMP® handbook.