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Behind PMLead

The idea of developing this website came out by my personal experience as a PMP® who studied the PMP® in one of its certified centers, and has passed the PMP® exam successfully. The success in passing the exam heavily depended on various outstanding materials that I had personally navigated through the web, along with the books that I shopped from various places I stayed in.

Given the fact that I went through the same stressful experience that every PMP® student goes through that contains anxiety, tension, and readiness for unlimited efforts to absorb the maximum of information and knowledge to pass the PMP® successfully, I thought of developing this website to help other PMPs®.

Through developing this website, I aimed at enabling the maximum of PMP students to pass the PMP® exam successfully with minimum cost and expenses. This website provides every PMP® with number of materials, links, and books that are of significance in helping every student aims to succeed in carrying out cost- effective self study.

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